Insurance Partners

Insurance Partners

Making It Easy to File Your Claim

At Defender Auto Glass, everything we do is designed to make getting your vehicle glass repair as easy as possible. From on-site vehicle glass repair and replacement to mobile vehicle glass repair, Defender Auto Glass is proud to be Northeast Ohio’s premier vehicle glass specialist. That extends to the relationship we have with our insurance partners. No matter what company you are going to be filing a claim with, our aim is to make the process simple for you and your agent. The more simple the process, the faster you are back on the road, and that’s what we’re here to do! Read below to find answers to your insurance questions.

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Our Insurance Partner Network

Defender Auto Glass prides itself on having relationships with some of the top insurance agencies in Northeast Ohio. When you need to get your vehicle glass repaired or replaced you need your repair shop and insurance agency to communicate effectively to get you back on the road as soon as possible. That’s why Defender Auto Glass partners with these tremendous insurance providers to address your vehicle glass repair needs:

Insurance Agent Portal

Part of our commitment to providing fast and easy service for vehicle glass repair is making it easy for insurance agents to submit claims. If you are an insurance agent, use our Insurance Agent Portal to file claims on behalf of your customer.