Filing a Broken Windshield Claim With MetLife

Filing a Broken Auto Glass Claim With MetLife

Choose Defender Auto Glass for Quality Windshield Repair

Did a piece of road debris or gravel cause a crack in your car’s windshield? We recommend starting the auto glass claim process as quickly as possible before any damage to your vehicle worsens. If you are working with auto insurance provider MetLife, you can call 1.800.854.6011 at any time to file a claim, or use their online glass claim submission process. 

The sooner you file your claim, the sooner you can call Defender Auto Glass to handle your broken windshield repair or replacement.

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Benefits of Filing a Broken Glass Claim With MetLife

No one gets excited about filing an insurance claim, however, providers like MetLife make the process easy with benefits such as:

  • The ability to file a claim by phone or online at any time—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • The freedom to work with any auto glass repair service provider that you would like.
  • A new Twitter account, @MetLifeCares, which helps answer service and claims questions.

Once you have filed your broken windshield claim with MetLife, you can schedule your professional auto glass repair service with Defender Auto Glass. We make the windshield repair or replacement process as easy and quick as filing your claim!