Defender Auto Glass Akron location

Celebrating One Year of Service in Akron

Why Akron Residents Choose Defender Auto Glass

We are so thrilled to celebrate the one year anniversary of our auto glass repair facility in Akron. One year ago, we opened the doors to this location to better meet the needs of residents in Summit and Portage counties and across the Akron area. Our goal with the Akron facility was to bring high-quality auto glass repair services to the region. In the last year, we have provided trustworthy, reliable, and superior windshield repair and replacement services to hundreds of clients across Akron.

When you need an auto glass company you can trust, we hope you will continue to call Defender Auto Glass. These are just a few ways we set ourselves apart from others in the industry:

• We are quick without sacrificing quality. Yes, you want your repair to be made quickly and efficiently. But a quick auto glass repair job that is done poorly or improperly will just lead to more problems and expenses later on. We provide a very efficient service, but we don’t just aim to be fast. We strive to get the job done right and are extremely thorough with every auto glass repair or replacement service we perform for our Akron clients.

• We earn the trust of our customers. Defender Auto Glass has a reputation for excellence that is built on years of exceeding our customers’ expectations. We want to be the company you can rely on whenever a member of your family experiences an auto glass issue, from a cracked windshield to hail damage.

• We are passionate about auto glass repair. When you choose an auto glass repair company, look for a provider who is passionate about what they do. Our team truly enjoys the job we do, and it shows in our quality, reliability, and efficiency. Our technicians are the best at what they do, and that makes a huge difference for our Akron customers.

The next time you need auto glass repair services, contact our Akron location or request a quote online. Our trusted team will be ready to deliver superior service and get you back on the road.