Defender Auto Glass Akron location

Bringing Quality Auto Glass Repair to Akron

A Conversation With a Technician

Ready to serve on-site vehicle glass repair and replacement to mobile vehicle glass repair, Defender Auto Glass opened up its Akron location this January. This beautiful city is always on the move, so they needed an auto glass repair shop nearby that they could trust to replace and repair their auto glass correctly and efficiently.

To provide you with some insight into the workings of this Akron-based auto glass shop, we interviewed our very own Jacob Plummer, a technician at our Akron location, who joined the Defender team in July.


What Makes Akron Special?

Having worked in the city for some months now, Jacob noted the unique qualities that Akron possesses as compared to other cities. While most cities simply look for a quick repair from whoever is available, Akron is extremely loyal to their service providers. They do not only look for quality and efficiency, Akron looks for someone they can trust that they can call on and continue to call on. Jacob looks forward to seeing Defender press more into the community and provide Akron with the windshield replacement and repair services they can rely on for years to come.


What Draws Someone to Begin a Career at Defender?

Jacob had actually begun at another auto glass repair shop where he felt he was wearing too many hats. What attracted him to Defender was the opportunity to be actively back in the field of repairing auto glass and being mobile instead of managing and sitting behind a desk. He enjoys the independence and freedom that Defender offers him with creating his own route responding to repair needs.


A Strong Team

Jacob is surrounded by a team that has a true passion for their work and strives to perform each job with efficiency, hard work, and quality that they can all be proud of. He is thankful for his manager Rich, who he noted is probably the best manager he has ever had. He says that the way Defender takes care of its technicians truly makes them stand out. Defender has career openings for hard workers like Jacob who have a passion for auto glass repair and serving communities.


Ready to Continue to Serve Akron

From a goose that flew through a windshield to hail storms that have wreaked havoc on a car’s windows and exterior, Jacob has seen almost everything that can be thrown at an auto glass repairman. He is ready to see what other challenges he and the rest of the Defender team will encounter and solve while serving the Akron community.

Defender is always looking for hard workers like Jacob who have a passion for auto glass repair and serving communities.