Rear Window Replacement in Elyria

Quality Rear Window Replacement Services in Elyria

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If you are involved in an automotive collision, your vehicle’s rear windshield may be left in pieces. Unlike your front windshield, which can sometimes be repaired, your rear window is designed to shatter if struck by debris. This means that your rear windshield will need to be completely replaced with new automotive glass. If your rear window is in need of repairs, we strongly urge you not to continue driving your vehicle. You could be at risk of injury if you are involved in another collision, and your car is more vulnerable to theft and damage from the elements. Instead of delaying services, bring your vehicle to our Elyria Repair Facility for comprehensive rear windshield replacement services or use our on-site mobile repair service. We will provide reliable, professional automotive glass replacement services that deliver exceptional results.

Elyria’s Choice for Rear Windshield Replacement

Our Industry-Leading Process Delivers Quality Results

At Defender Auto Glass, all of our automotive glass replacement services are performed by skilled and experienced technicians using industry-leading materials and equipment. Our replacement glass meets or exceeds the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and government standards—meaning your new glass will be as good as, if not better than, the original. The process begins with removing your old windshield and vacuuming any debris in your vehicle left over from the install. Your technician will use primer and adhesive to carefully install the new rear window. The entire process takes a little over an hour, and your new rear windshield is backed by warranty. We also guarantee that your vehicle will pass lease turn-back inspection.