As summer approaches, the rising temperatures can bring more than just the need for sunblock and shades. For drivers, the intense heat can also spell trouble for your vehicle’s windshield. At Defender Auto Glass, we understand that your windshield is more than just a piece of glass; it’s an integral component of your vehicle’s safety structure. Based in Northeast Ohio, from Cleveland to Akron and Lorain to Ashtabula, our team of experienced technicians has seen firsthand the adverse effects of summer heat on windshields and the best practices for managing these challenges.

The Impact of Heat on Your Windshield

The windshield of your vehicle does more than offer a clear view of the road; it contributes to the structural integrity of the vehicle and supports the performance of airbags. However, during the summer months, the combination of high outdoor temperatures and direct sunlight can put your windshield under a lot of stress. Here’s how heat affects your windshield:

1. Expansion and Contraction: Glass, like most materials, expands in heat and contracts in cold. In the fluctuating temperatures of Northeast Ohio summers, where daytime heat soars and nighttime brings cooler air, this continuous expansion and contraction can cause existing minor cracks and chips in the windshield to grow.

2. Stress Fractures: Continuous exposure to sunlight can lead to stress fractures on the windshield. These small cracks may not always be visible to the naked eye but can eventually spider out into larger, more dangerous cracks.

3. Weakened Structural Integrity: If your windshield is already compromised by a chip or crack, heat can weaken it further. This weakening not only reduces the effectiveness of the windshield in protecting you during an accident but also compromises the overall safety of your vehicle.

Protecting Your Windshield in Summer

Understanding the potential risks, Defender Auto Glass recommends several strategies to protect your windshield and ensure your safety on the road:

1. Regular Inspections: Begin the summer by having your windshield thoroughly inspected by professionals. At Defender Auto Glass, our technicians can evaluate the severity of any existing damage and recommend either a repair or replacement. Remember, a small chip can quickly become a large crack under the right (or wrong) conditions.

2. Park in the Shade: One of the simplest ways to protect your windshield from the harsh effects of the sun is to park your vehicle in the shade whenever possible. This can significantly reduce the temperature inside your car and minimize the risk of heat damage to your windshield.

3. Use a Windshield Sun Protector: When parking outdoors for extended periods, use a sun protector inside your car. These protectors reflect sunlight and heat, reducing the temperature inside your vehicle and the direct heat exposure on your windshield.

4. Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes: On a hot day, blasting the A/C directly on a very hot windshield can cause thermal shock, leading to cracks. To avoid this, gradually increase the cooling in your car, allowing the temperature of the glass to adjust slowly.

5. Repair Chips Promptly: At Defender Auto Glass, we stress the importance of repairing windshield chips and cracks as soon as they occur. Our mobile auto glass repair service makes this convenient by coming to your location, whether at home or work, ensuring that minor damages are fixed before they escalate into bigger problems.

Why Choose Defender Auto Glass?

We use the finest products available and ensure that most repairs are completed in an hour or less, minimizing the disruption to your day. Our facilities are strategically located throughout Northeast Ohio, including Mentor, Chardon, Akron, and Elyria, making it convenient for our customers to reach us.

Furthermore, we uphold the customer-first values established by our sister company, D&S Automotive, which has been a leader in automotive collision repair for over 45 years in Northeast Ohio. This ethos is embedded in every windshield repair or windshield replacement job we undertake, ensuring that you receive the quality and value you deserve.


The summer heat can pose significant risks to your windshield and, by extension, your safety. By understanding these risks and taking proactive measures to protect your windshield, you can enjoy safer summer driving. Whether it’s a quick repair or a full replacement, Defender Auto Glass is ready to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. Let us help you ensure that your vehicle remains safe and well-maintained this summer.