Whack! That dreaded noise when you hear a rock hit your windshield… and it’s left a chip right directly in your view. So what do you do? Not only is it in the way of your view but it’s likely that it’ll soon grow cracks and worsen. This is oftentimes unavoidable in Northeast Ohio where construction is common and road debris are unrelenting.

Regardless of how your windshield has become damaged, it is very important that you get it repaired or replaced for two reasons:

  1. Cracked and/or chipped windshields provide less protection in the event of a collision
  2. Cracked windshields can decrease visibility, especially if on the driver’s side.

Many people do not know that an undamaged windshield contributes to your safety in the event of a crash. It does so by transferring the force of a front-end collision, providing structural support in a roll-over accident, decreasing the risk of ejection and contributing to proper placement of the airbag should it deploy. Therefore, if you are driving with a damaged windshield, you are putting yourself at greater risk of injury in the event of an accident.


So you’ve got damage to windshield, how do you know if you should you repair or replace?

Ultimately, this typically depends on the size and location of the damage. Luckily most cracks or chips that are smaller than a quarter will not require replacement. However, if the chip impedes visibility while driving or there are multiple chips on the auto glass, it may need to be replaced to restore structural integrity.

If your damage is repairable, don’t wait to set up an appointment. Doing so, you’ll risk the damage growing to the point where you will need a replacement. The repair process for a chipped windshield is pretty simple. At Defender Auto Glass, we will inject resin into the chip, crack or nick, wait for it to cure, then polish it for a smooth finish. This process will prevent the damage from growing and you will be on your way in less than 30 minutes.

Likewise, if your windshield needs to be replaced because the damage is too large or in an unsafe location, you should not wait to get a replacement. We want to encourage you to not try to do this yourself unless you are trained to do so. Incorrect installation could put you at an even higher safety risk. At Defender Auto Glass, our trained technicians will first inspect your windshield to see if a repair is possible. If replacement is necessary, we will completely remove your old windshield and install your new glass using primer and adhesive. Once the new Windshield is fully installed, we will clean your auto glass of any debris from the install.


Key Takeaway: Damage smaller than a quarter can typically be repaired, while larger damage will usually require a replacement. No matter where you get your glass fixed, don’t wait to get service on your windshield. Your safety is at risk.

At Defender, we come to you at no extra cost no matter where you are; work, home, school… it doesn’t matter. Or if you prefer, you can have it done in shop at any of our three locations in Mentor, Elyria or Chardon, Ohio.