Whether you are building a whole new garage or updating an existing, the garage flooring you choose will make a big difference! You may not have realized all the options until you are faced with this task. And we are here to help you weigh the options.

So where do you start? When choosing the right garage flooring for your home, you need to consider several factors: your budget, your desired look, and what you will be using it for.

To get us started, we will go through several garage floor types:


Garage floor tiles are a new hot trend. They are the easiest flooring for the average DIY-er, as they typically interlock or peel and stick. They are available in many colors and varying materials. Examples include hard plastic, vinyl, flexible PVC, and even porcelain.

Tile flooring offers various levels of chemical, stain and impact resistance and is known for easy cleaning. It is also a versatile choice to give you more control over the look of your garage, as you can mix and match colors to fit whatever scheme you are going for. Lastly, tile flooring is easy to fix if parts of it do get damaged. You can easily swap out one or some of the tiles for new ones without replacing the entire garage flooring.

Now let’s talk price. Garage tiles have a wide range in pricing depending on the type you choose. It can range from $1.98 / square foot to $6.00 / square foot.


Epoxy floor coating is a popular option for many commercial garage owners. It is applied to a prepared concrete sub floor to create a tough, durable surface. Epoxy floors are oftentimes seen in car showrooms, warehouses and professional garages. They are popular in commercial settings because they are easy to keep clean, durable and chemical resistant.

However, epoxy coatings are not recommended for DIY-ers. If you go this route, we recommend hiring a professional to prepare your concrete and apply the coating for best results. 

Epoxy floor application varies in price. If done by yourself, it would start around $500. This includes the epoxy kit as well as cost to add a clear coat. Additional costs would apply for floor preparation as well. A professional installation of epoxy garage flooring would start at about $4 / square foot.


An easy and convenient option for garage flooring is roll-out mats. Usually made of rubberized vinyl, garage mats are available in multiple colors and textures. This option is very popular for DIY-ers as well.

With roll-out mats, you can cover the entire floor or just enough for your car to sit on top of to protect the concrete underneath. Maintaining vinyl mats are easy as well. They can easily be swept or hosed down when needed for easy cleaning. 

The best part about garage floor roll-out mats are their cost. Prices typically range from $1.50 – $4.00 / square foot and they can be rolled up and taken with you when you move. While they are not as nice and durable as other options, garage flooring mats will definitely do the trick.


The method to upgrade your garage flooring that has lasted the test of time is to simply paint it. As mentioned earlier, This is easy to tackle for a novice and is a quick and easy way to upgrade the look of your garage. It is important to note that this technique is not the most permanent and if your garage floor cracks, so too will the painted finish. However, this flooring type is the cheapest on the list.

Now that we have listed the more popular garage flooring types to choose from, you may have a better idea of what you want to do. There are plenty of options available to you. Take your time to determine what is best for you and if you will need to hire a professional or if you are confident in your ability to apply the flooring yourself.