3/27/2020 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) has dominated the news and likely your mind for the last two weeks. There are a lot of unknowns and uncertainty during this time but one thing we know, is that we need to stop the spread. And because of that, Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, placed a stay-at-home order in effect from March 23rd through April 6th. Along with that order comes confusion over which businesses are allowed to stay open and what they should be doing to help keep their customers and employees as safe and healthy as possible. We want to give you some clarity when it comes to the auto glass industry and help answer questions you may have about getting your windshield replaced during COVID-19.

Auto Glass companies are considered essential businesses, as they provide automotive parts and maintenance for vehicles that are important for commercial and personal transportation during this time.


Auto Glass companies that remain open during the Coronavirus pandemic should be taking precautions to protect their employees and customers from spreading the virus. The number one thing to do, sanitize EVERYTHING. Here at Defender Auto Glass, we have enhanced sanitation techniques used to clean the vehicles before and after the repair. Special attention is placed on high touch areas on the outside and inside of the vehicle. Areas include door handles, steering wheels, shift knobs, and other hard surfaces. In addition glass technicians should be wearing gloves and sanitizing their hands and vehicles in between jobs. When booking your repair, be sure to ask what the company is doing in these regards.

Furthermore, some auto glass companies offer mobile service, meaning they will come to you for the repair.  This is ideal for a world where we are told to stay at home. Make sure to ask your auto glass company if they can come to you. If not, consider finding a company that can so you do not need to leave your home. You can find out if you are within our mobile service area on our website.

Lastly, many auto glass repair companies are changing the way they handle transactions during COVID-19. Cash is discouraged and credit card payment can be taken over the phone. Auto glass companies like Defender Auto Glass can work with you to determine the repair process that you are most comfortable with. All contact can be eliminated by coming to the customer’s home, doing the repair in the driveway and collecting payment over the phone.


If the auto glass damage is big enough and distracting enough, it could pose a safety threat while driving. This is especially true if it is within your line of view when driving. If this is the case, we do recommend that you get it taken care of, given the limited contact that can be accomplished for the repair. If your window is shattered and you do not have a covered garage or you plan to drive it during the stay-at-home order, it will be important to get a replacement to avoid damage from the weather. However, if the damage is small and you do not plan to drive your vehicle until the order has been lifted, it can likely wait.

We hope this helps inform you of what auto glass options are available to you during this time. While auto glass companies are making adjustments to deal with the present, we look forward to the future, knowing our community will get through this and it will not last forever. We wish everyone safety and health during this time. Do not hesitate to reach out if you do have an emergency auto glass need. We are here for you!





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